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Help test out Snapchat features before they're released!


Things to know about Snapchat iOS Beta

  1. New iOS Beta versions ship once or twice per week.
  2. All Testers are cycled out of TestFlight. Apple's tooling limits and Snapchat's needs for fast feedback on quality requires a pace of installations that ensures rapid engagement on every Beta version we ship.
  3. This means there are new spots opening up approximately every other day.
  4. To be a consistent Beta Tester check this page often to join & install the current version.
  5. If at any point keeping up with Beta is challenging for you, make sure you install the public Snapchat app from the App Store to stay updated on the latest features.

Two steps to becoming an iOS Beta Tester

  1. Install TestFlight from the App Store
    If you haven’t already, install the TestFlight app. All updates come through TestFlight. Make sure notifications are enabled in TestFlight so you can be prompted when there's an update.
  2. Join Current Beta
    With TestFlight installed, open this link on your mobile device to get, join & install the most recent version of Snapchat Beta.

When enrollment is at capacity the link will make that clear but check back for open spots as they are available several times a week.

Start Snapping!

Here are a few things to keep in mind

Important 🚨 Shake to Report is specifically for reporting a technical problem or suggesting an improvement. If you’d like to report abuse, a privacy or safety concern, or spam on Snapchat, please go here.

Thanks for helping us make Snapchat even better!

Team Snapchat


⚠️ Enrollment into our Android Beta program is on hold, at the moment — hang tight! We appreciate your patience.