Snapchat Android Beta

Join the Android Beta and help test out Snapchat features before they hit the Play Store!

⚠️ Enrollment into our beta program is on hold, at the moment — hang tight! We appreciate your patience.

Get Started

  1. Register for the Beta
    If you get an error, check to see if you’re signed in to the right Google account.
  2. Uninstall and reinstall Snapchat
    Look out for a "Snapchat Beta" option in Snapchat Settings.
  3. Use Snapchat! The Beta may include more bugs and other inconsistencies than you’re used to — that’s where you come in. Shake to Report bugs and problems you encounter in the app. You can shake for issues you find with new features, and with old features too!
  4. If your app crashes or won’t respond, it’s super helpful if you fill out any crash pop-ups you see!

Please Note: Shake to Report is for reporting a technical problem or suggesting an improvement. If you’d like to report abuse, a privacy or safety concern, or spam on Snapchat, go here. Also, please note that we may not review every Shake we receive.

Thanks for helping us make Snapchat even better!

Team Snapchat