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We provide structure, enable transparency, and drive action for advertisers on Snapchat.

How we measure

The structure we provide is built on consistent metrics and yardsticks to define success. Transparency creates visibility through a third-party ecosystem, and performance against campaign objectives.

Finally, driving action is powered by the development of learning agendas and measurement programs that ensure our advertisers are able to optimize current and future campaigns to maximize their success.


We provide metrics for how much attention your ad has received, including first-party data and reporting from partners.


We’ll let you know how many Snapchatters saw your ad, their age, gender, and other information from first-party data and partners.


We provide analysis for what people thought and felt about your ad from aided brand awareness, ad awareness, brand opinion, favorability, and action intent using in-app polling, and data from partners.


Through partners like Datalogix and Nielsen Catalina, we can determine the impact Snapchat media had in driving offline, in-store purchases.

In addition to sales lift metrics, these partners help us optimize our media campaigns around which ad products, targeting, creative and other campaign dimensions offer the greatest return on investment.


We confirm how many times your ad was served, and provide third-party tracking support from a few partners.

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