Reach the right audience where they're most active

Deliver your message to Snapchatters based on their Snapchat habits, dozens of lifestyle categories, demographics, and more

Audience & Engagement

Average daily active Snapchatters globally
Average daily sessions per Snapchatter
Average minutes spent every day per Snapchatter
of daily new Snapchatters in the U.S. are 25 and older

Where they use Snapchat1

81% at home
80% in restaurants
70% at concerts
50% at the gym
49% at the airport

Snapchat Audiences

We know Snapchatters

We offer relevant audience segments based on what Snapchatters watch, where they go while using Snapchat, and what they care about.

Snap Lifestyle Categories
We’ve created over 60 interest categories like parenting, political news, music festivals, and more based on signals like which content Snapchatters watch on our platform.
We offer basic (age and gender) and advanced (Moms, Spanish speakers, household income, and college graduates) demographic targeting options.
You can target an audience by country, state, region, or designated market area.
Device Attributes
You can target by device, operating system, carrier, and cellular connectivity (like Wi-Fi or 3G).
Reality TV
Console Games
Hip Trends
Do It Yourself
Hip Hop Music
Green Living
Math & Science

Custom Audiences

Build audiences based on your data.

Achieve greater scale with our smart and precise lookalike expansions.

Snap Audience Match
Anonymously match data from your existing contacts (e-mail or device ID) with our community.
Lookalike Audiences
Target Snapchatters with similar characteristics to your existing customers. You can select from three different Lookalike options: Similarity, Balanced, and Reach.
Snap Engagement Audiences
Engage with Snapchatters who have interacted with Snap Ads, Geofilters, or Lenses in your past campaigns.

Partner Audiences

Reach specific Snapchatters.

Our partners offer hundreds of audience segments based on purchasing data, content viewership, and more.

Oracle / Datalogix Shopper
In partnership with Oracle (Datalogix), we offer third-party segments that are rooted in offline, purchase-based data and includes 85 shopper audiences such as luxury apparel shoppers, pet owners, and business travelers.
comScore TV & Film Viewer
We offer 33 predefined and targetable comScore audiences based on TV and movie viewership.
PlaceIQ Location Visitors
PlaceIQ is a location intelligence and analytics company that allows advertisers to reach Snapchatters based on the places that consumers visit over the course of their day, like restaurants, retail stores, auto dealerships, and entertainment venues.

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¹ Percentage of Snapchatters in the U.S. who’ve used the app in a certain location.

Source: 2017 Greenberg Strategy study commissioned by Snap Inc.

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